One brief book recommendation, once every month.

Trema [?] is where I write one brief book recommendation, once every month. For me, it is an excuse to write, briefly, about what I read. For you, hopefully, a place to find a surprising and enjoyable book. Subscribing is free—thank you for reading.

If you'd like me to write similarly for your publication, feel free to send me an email or DM me on Twitter/X.

— Daniël van der Winden

On every post, I will link to my shop on, where you can buy the book I write about. They theoretically give me 10% of every sale made although, as of now, I have no way of extracting any funds from the account, as I’m not based in the United States. Once I do, I will donate everything to local libraries. If is not available in your country, I’d urge you to seek out the books in a local bookstore if you can.

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